Bloom Festival

Framed: A Study in Self Sabotage

Virtual Exhibition

Sara Wilson & Brittany Hefren


‘Framed: a study in self-sabotage’ is a virtual exhibition exploring impostor syndrome and other commonly experienced cognitive distortions. Artists Sara Wilson and Brittany Hefren use diverse creative processes across photo-media and printmaking to explore experiences of impostor syndrome and discover how to break free of the limits we place on ourselves. 

Listening to Lilacs

Brittany Hefren

Brittany is an emerging photo-media artist based in Wagga Wagga. She uses the lens of photography to capture moments of thought and beauty to highlight the complexity of wellbeing and our capacity for hope. By blending botanical photography and portraiture, she draws parallels between nature and human flourishing.

Ignore the signs and feed the birds.

Sara Wilson

Sara is a creative practitioner based in Wagga Wagga. She has recently taken up print media as one of her primary practices. She enjoys how involved the printing process is and is steadily learning to love its inconsistency. She hopes to convey the essence of controlled chaoticism in her print-based works. 
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