Bloom Festival

Brittany Hefren

Brittany is an emerging artist based in Wagga Wagga. She is interested in using her creative practice to visually communicate concepts relating to human behaviour, generating curiosity and conversation around why people do the things they do. She is passionate about seeing people flourish in life, and often uses nature in her work to explore themes of growth and change.
Brittany enjoys using photography as a lens to focus on small moments of beauty in the everyday and highlight human behaviour, pointing people towards thinking differently about their lives and decisions. Growing up in the Riverina, she sees the value of contributing these messages in the regional context.

Isolation Flowers is a photographic study of flowers taken during the Covid-19 lockdown as a creative response to being stuck inside and forced to work from home. The project was a way of bringing the beauty and hope of nature back into my world by photographing flowers as a form of meditation, exploring themes of ephemerality and growth.

Diversity is a zine which documents how I used photography as a lens through which I could ask questions and be curious about regenerative farming in my community. I reached out to some friends who own a farm just outside Wagga and have recently switched to a regenerative agriculture approach. The zine shares what I learned through conversation and collaboration with them.

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