Bloom Festival

Subject Spotlight

The Narrative

This techno-noir subject, formerly known as ‘Art, Technology and Culture’, raises a black mirror to reflect on new media art forms, creative collaboration, and the histories of visual technologies and screen-based storytelling. Through lectures, tutorial conversations, forum correspondence and online watch parties for films (good and bad), our students investigate photography, design, animation, stage and film studies, and the contemporary artists, philosophers and theorists who have critically informed our everyday use of technology (in reality and fiction). 
These six essays have been nominated by the CCI103 teaching team (Sabrina Keen, Sarah Mifsud, Kate Boshier and Paul Prickett) and edited by the subject coordinator Dr Sam Bowker. They have been chosen for their imaginative and perceptive engagement with the themes of this subject, their engaging written style, and their depth of scholarship, as well as their connection to the values of Charles Sturt University and the School of Communication and Creative Industries. We are sharing them here with the consent of the authors, for the benefit of future students, and in the spirit of Yindayamarra Winhanganha, to foster the “wisdom of respectfully knowing how to live well in a world worth living in.”
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