Bloom Festival

TV & Film

The third year screenings are being showcased this year at the Forum 6 cinemas, Wagga Wagga on Sunday the 18th of October. The films will be available here in the week after the screenings.

Book your tickets to the Sunday 18th October event here:

Written & Directed by Danielle Porter & Claire Read

Joey and Dan are in a position of chaos after losing their one chance at twenty-million dollars. With blind determination and a pair of children’s night goggles, they find themselves making eccentric plans outside of a stranger’s house.

Written by Georgia Browett & Jay Wilson, Directed by Georgia Browett

Two friends costume party plans go wrong when they end up handcuffed together.

Written & Directed by Angus Mouncey

A young man believes his small time country town of Corrolong Creek has been robbed of the world’s most liveable city award. This is his video to prove the judges wrong.

Written & Directed by Nathan Partington

Backroom is inspired by a creepypasta known as “The Backrooms”. Follow Grey as she enters her own Backroom.

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