Bloom Festival

The 2020 Design

Case Study – CSU Bloom 2020

Chaney Boyle

The Reason.

As a result of this years pandemic the graduating students were unable to host final live exhibitions. This meant that the online Bloom exhibition would be needed to combine and host the work of all in the Creative Industries students on campus and in distance education.

The Brief.

The brief for the Bloom project included a logo with style guide, posters, postcards, social media graphics and program template.

The Freedom.

The restrictions and direction for this branding allowed the opportunity to do any design / colour / focus as long as the content could be made and was appropriate for the audience.

Mood board.

Through research and a mood board the focus and inspiration was narrowed down to vintage hand-lettered type and a teal / orange palette for this design.


The palette for this project was developed through the inspiration images. They are fresh and contemporary but with a vintage feel that translated well to the application.

The Logo.

The primary Bloom logo is monochrome in either black or white making it usable in a lot of scenarios where it does not steal attention. This is an important aspect of a logo that is featured with a wide rage of different speciality disciplines.


The pattern was created as an element that would unifying the collateral. The individual illustrations combined the ‘bloom’ concept in a subtle way along with other irregular shapes like stars, dashes and waves. Additionally, these pieces could be used as accents throughout the applications.


A 8-post countdown to launch day was developed to share on social media to create excitement to the day that the website opened.


The movement of GIFs is a proven strategy that stops people from scrolling their social media feeds.


The combination of these personalised GIFs are the perfect opportunity to remind people to check out the website once it opens.


A collection of posters in monochrome and colour where created to be shared and downloaded for the event.


The two different patterns were used in the postcard versions.

Chaney’s Bloom page can be found here:

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