Bloom Festival

Campbell Cole

Campbell Cole is a dreadlocked third year photography student currently living in Wagga Wagga. He feels most alive when he’s outdoors in nature experiencing what the world has to offer. He enjoys making memories as well as capturing them. Freezing a moment in time is something he holds dearly. Campbell hopes to use his photography to inspire people. Whether that be to inspire wanderlust, to look after and care for our environment better or to chase after ones dreams. He wants to use his imagery to tell stories and inspire others not only in their personal life but to consider their relationship with nature.   
This body of work was taken between the 8thof august and the 13thof august. It showcases his final portfolio images for 2020 where he photographed a boys trip to Fraser island.  Having just made it across the border 2 days before its closure. Potentially making them the last people from N.S.W on the island. Campbell joined the captain of the mighty Zuke and good friend, Alex O’Leary for what would be a week of sinking tins and making memories with the boys. All while building his portfolio in which he hopes to one day become a successful Australian landscape and outdoor adventure/ travel photographer.    
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