Bloom Festival

Elize Celic

Being a Graphic Designer is like home. I am comfortable and find joy in problem-solving, organizing, supporting, and helping during design projects. I love exploring new options, styles, and techniques while enhancing my abilities and skills with the programs I use. Therefore, my work is quite diverse with the elements of being bright and fun. I predominantly work with Adobe Illustrator, InDesign, Photoshop, and occasionally with After Effects and Premiere Pro. From time to time I also get my hands dirty with hands-on creative works using various art mediums. My main vision for my work is to be eye-catching, thought-provoking, and heart-stirring to some degree or another. 

This logo design is for a WAHM (Working At Home Mums). She creates handmade female, children, and baby clothing and accessories. Initially, the client came with a very clear idea of the type of logo she would like. I provided her with a few alternative logo ideas along with her desired logo design. She fell in love with this design, and the rest is history. At first, the client only wanted a black and white logo for ribbon printing, but with the new design, colour was soon added. Now the client has a more coherent startup for her home business. 


I was challenged during one of my final university projects to illustrate a fairytale [or another children’s story] in a zine/eBook format. I chose one of my favourite stories from Guide’s Greatest. This is a collection of true stories with a moral lesson for children ages 10-14. The story I chose is “Billy, the Terrible-tempered Goat” by Maryane G. Myers. I edited the story (shortened it) and then illustrated this 16-page zine. Let me know if you enjoyed the story as much as I did!

This project was based around the word ‘CROWD’. It was completely open to interpretation, but it had to capture the feeling of ‘CROWD’ in a visually cohesive manner and create an emotional response. There are so many ways I could have taken this project, but our current circumstances won. We all have felt how Covid has impacted our own ‘CROWD’ in some way or another. 

I had the privilege of working with a school in Hobart last year in helping them come up with a design for t-shirts that they wanted to use in a school marathon. The marketing team wanted a custom design that they could use on the back of t-shirts but also as a logo for the event. The name they are using is ‘running for a cause’ as it is their idea to run for a different cause with each marathon. The final bold design worked well on the printed t-shirts. Later I was also asked to create a suite of poster designs that resulted in a fun photo shoot day as well.

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