Bloom Festival

Isabelle Goodwin

I grew up in a small country town in the middle of rural Australia called Peak Hill. I was always a creative child, so I moved to Wagga Wagga in 2017 to study at Animation at Charles Sturt University. I figured out it wasn’t for me and transferred to Graphic Design. I will be graduating at the end of 2020. I like to mix different mediums and works in both tradition and digital methods. I am an Illustrator, Lino Printer, Graphic Designer, Vector Designer and character artist. I aim to capture the beauty of nature and the secrets of the world. I want to create pieces that people can admire and look at every little mark within.

In 2018 I was accepted for an exchange program with my university that allowed me to explore many techniques and styles, Including Lino printing. Although we had limited time I fell back in love with process, and tried to make as prints as possible. I love to illustrate snakes as they can show flow to the art but still hold structure and of course it was fun to draw!

After attending the exchange, I continued the process when I came home, illustrating forms of nature to show the elegance and its hidden beauty. I love that every print is unique (even if you can’t spot the difference) the way the ink combines on paper and what elements are pressed on to it. With my most recent prints I really wanted to express some things that I love, mostly elements of nature and my favourite animals. I start by creating the illustration in my art book and trace it with tracing paper. I then copy that onto the vinyl where it takes a couple of days to carve out because they’re detail pieces. When transferring this over it flips the design but when once I’ve carved and inked it will flip again when printed. All up it takes me around a week to create a piece, again depending on the detail! I will soon have three prints available to purchase on my site.

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