Bloom Festival

Luke Fazekas

Luke is a third-year photography student at CSU. He usually resides in Beijing and had to improvise with camera equipment in 2020 as he got stuck in Australia with no access to photography gear. Luke takes an interest in documenting the streets of cities across the globe and has a strong passion for traditional darkroom technologies. 

After a research project late last year, Luke designed and built his own Afghan style street box camera. This series is a collection of family portraits documenting the unusual times of 2020. Each subject is captured as a single still portrait and a double exposure, reflecting the wave of emotions felt through the adjustments made this year. These compositions represent the frustrations of spending more time at home, or not being home at all.

Backyard Brownies is a series containing a compilation of friends, family and garden compositions. The series focusses on appreciating time with others and feeling grateful for a backyard in times of isolation. Backyard Brownies has been captured with an inexpensive 1920s Kodak Brownie and developed with traditional darkroom techniques at home. The final result is a hand-crafted Coptic bound book. 

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