Bloom Festival

Noreen Birkhahn

Noreen is a Melbourne based freelance graphic designer and photographer who has been studying with CSU part time since 2014. Noreen began her course when she was living in Wollongong, NSW with her family and continued throughout relocations to Sydney and Darwin, NT. Noreen returned to her home state of Victoria, just in time for the beginning of the pandemic and has spent most of the year in and out of lockdown.
Noreen has worked as an ESL teacher in Japan, online tutor, school administrator and also volunteered for the NT Arafura Games in 2019.
Noreen is a published Getty Images contributor whose designs are available on Redbubble.
Noreen loves to travel and is passionate about landscape and nature photography. Her design style is clean, minimalist and professional with a focus on branding and marketing strategies. 
Tri-fold travel brochure.
Activity guide for residents and visitors to Wollongong, NSW.
The guide includes photographs, icons representing the activities available and the locations within the Wollongong area.
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Wellnect forms a team of members and their supporters to monitor and provide immediate assistance during a wellbeing crisis.
Many people in communities are more susceptible to the risk of isolation and require extra support by relevant networks such as family members, health care providers, social caseworkers or International Education Agents.
Wellnect is a vital tool in allowing users or organisations to monitor the mental health of their members and to provide urgent care when necessary. The app allows a less intrusive method of monitoring members, it provides immediate alerts and it also allows for other members to display mutually discreet updates.
Wellnect provides updated information on the mental health conditions of the team members. The app also provides the extra assurance that team member’s responses are genuine, through the added feature of a heart rate monitor which is activated during responses to psychological questioning. If the team member’s responses warrant immediate action by the team leader, an alert will be sent. 

The heart rate monitor is activated when the user places their finger over their phone camera, while the user has their response recorded and analysed for abnormalities.
Client members can add each other as ‘friends’, allowing for their overall wellbeing updates to be visible to each other. This allows for members to reach out within their networks for mutual support.
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