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Rebekah Lai

Rebekah Lai is a graphic design student based in Wagga Wagga. From fantasy illustrations to minimalist brand identities, she believes that telling a story is an essential approach to have in all of her work.

The Oracle Prince Interactive Map

The Oracle Prince interactive map can be accessed here.

The Oracle Prince is an original story of mine and I developed an interactive map for it where viewers can explore core information about its world and lore. It was an ambitious yet rewarding project. Altogether, I drew eighteen illustrations for it and developed the interactive map on Adobe XD.


Story Synopsis

For centuries, a magical boundary has protected the Laertans from the enemies of their ancestors. But it is now old and growing weaker by the day. Prince Tyfrid is an Oracle, a divine messenger of his people’s deity, Laerta. He has foreseen that when the boundary inevitably falls, his ancestor’s enemies shall resume the genocide of the Laertans. But all is not lost. He has also foreseen that a warrior from the outside world will by chance enter the boundary. However, it will be up to her to decide whether she will key to his people’s survival or the harbinger of their doom.

Princess Horako has been exiled for defying her mother, the Empress of Gorento. In order to restore her title as Crown Princess, she has been sentenced to search for the mythical Heart of the Sea. The Heart was a legendary weapon wielded by an ancient warring race, the Laertans. But the last of the Laertans have been hiding within an impenetrable boundary for centuries. It would be impossible Princess Horako to retrieve the Heart – or so everyone thought.

ArtWalk 2020

I was one of several students who volunteered to design assets for the Port Macquarie-Hastings Council’s annual ArtWalk event. ArtWalk was originally slated to be held earlier this year but it was delayed to early October due to the pandemic. In order to adhere to restrictions, ArtWalk’s format was transformed into a socially distanced public gallery. We were tasked with designing three suites of footpath stickers, a poster and an additional creative outcome of our own choosing, all around the theme of ‘The Longest Footpath Art Gallery’. We were also required to include reminders for visitors to be COVIDSafe (e.g. social distancing and washing hands) in our designs.

I designed a vibrant, modern and family-friendly visual identity for the assets with the symbol of a footprint to visualise the revised nature of ArtWalk’s format. My suites of footpath stickers were divided into three roles: general promotional use, COVIDSafe practices and a series of maps for the Port Macquarie CBD area where most of ArtWalk was hosted. The map suite was especially designed for visitors who were unfamiliar with the Port Macquarie CBD. Unlike ArtWalk’s other locations in Wauchope and Laurieton, the event was hosted in an area that encompassed several streets in the Port Macquarie CBD. The map suite would not only be convenient way-finding tool for visitors to ArtWalk but it would also serve to advertise the entire area in which ArtWalk was being hosted. The creative outcome of my own choosing was a suite of custom-shaped footprint stickers to complement the visual identity I created.

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