Bloom Festival

Stella Pretty

Stella is an interdisciplinary artist who has developed a consistent visual arts practice in a variety of mediums: painting, writing, photography, jewellery design and sculpture. Stella uses imagery to communicate the importance of creativity in society, by documenting practising artists, and to raise awareness about protecting the natural environment using landscape photography. Stella is currently creating a body of photographic works that explore the familiar in a fresh way challenging our perceptions of reality and how we experience our world by looking closer at our surrounds. Her works are often abstract, vivid, explorative and an expression of the energy of a particular place or person. Stella’s recent images showcase the everyday using multiple exposures and abstracted scenes to encourage a time for pause and reflection on how we experience our everyday environment.  Stella has exhibited in New Zealand and Australia and has some photographic work on display at R E T O P I A Gallery in the Northern Rivers and looks forward to creative collaborations and future exhibition opportunities.
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